Law Office of Robert A. Sternbach

Practice Areas

The firm handles all aspects of civil litigation, with particular emphasis on real estate and landlord-tenant, commercial collections, personal injury and general commercial litigation. We pride ourselves on developing and aggressively implementing effective, creative solutions to litigation problems. We carefully prepare pleadings, craft persuasive motions and briefs, and effectively represent clients at hearings and trials.

Among specific areas of expertise are the following:

Landlord-Tenant and Other Real Estate Litigation

The firm represents commercial and residential landlords and boards of directors of cooperative corporations in landlord-tenant matters within the City of New York. The firm is highly experienced in all phases of summary proceedings to recover possession of real property, from preparation and service of pleadings through trials and appeals.  The firm currently handles, on an ongoing basis, landlord-tenant and real estate litigation for major commercial and residential properties in Manhattan. The firm works closely with managing agents to ensure efficient collection of delinquent tenant accounts and prosecutes plenary actions to collect rent and damages owed by former tenants and guarantors.

On behalf of a national title insurance company, the firm has also defended claims of negligent failure to provide proper title insurance and prosecuted actions to quiet title to real property.

Collections and Creditors Rights Litigation

The firm has successfully prosecuted numerous actions to collect unpaid debts on behalf of factors, other commercial lenders and corporations, law firms and individuals, including defaulted loans and promissory notes, guarantees, security agreements and unpaid professional fees. The firm has considerable expertise in enforcing judgments by locating delinquent debtors and their assets and identifying and recovering fraudulent conveyances.

Other Commercial and Intellectual Property Litigation

The firm has prosecuted and defended numerous actions on behalf of corporations and individuals involving import-export arrangements, commercial defamation, intellectual property, insurance coverage disputes, and professional malpractice. The firm has also successfully litigated copyright and intellectual property matters on behalf of owners of entertainment properties.

Personal Injury

The firm has successfully litigated cases, from inception through trial and verdict, on behalf of plaintiffs in automobile accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, and other personal injury claims.