Law Office of Robert A. Sternbach

Representative Litigation

  • On behalf of major commercial landlords, commenced and successfully prosecuted hundreds of summary nonpayment and holdover proceedings to regain possession of real property.

  • Obtained summary judgment for international textile firm against importers in Federal lawsuit to recover damages for breach of purchase contract, resulting in recovery of substantial damages.

  • On behalf of major commercial landlord, prosecuted action to pierce corporate veil of shell corporation formed to execute showroom lease, resulting in recovery of substantial damages.

  • Obtained substantial recovery in action against commercial tenant and subtenant for unpaid rent and damages for use and occupancy of showroom.

  • On behalf of major consulting firm, prosecuted action for breach of contract to collect unpaid invoices for consulting work.

  • Obtained summary judgment dismissing suit against “big four” accounting firm by employment agency for commissions.

  • Obtained judgments in actions under Debtor and Creditor law to recover fraudulent conveyances by judgment debtors.

  • Defended action against major commercial landlord alleging breach of submetered electricity clause in lease and consumer fraud.

Reported Cases

Fisk Bldg. Associates L.L.C. v. Integrity Title Agency, 6 Misc. 3d 1017 (A) 2005 WL 263993 (N.Y. Sup.)

S&S Textiles Int'l v. Steve Weave, Inc., 48 UCC Rep.Serv.2d 899, 2002 WL 1837999 (S.D.N.Y.)

Marine Midland Bank v. Berry, 123 A.D. 2d 254, 506 N.Y.S. 2d 60 (N.Y. App. Div.).

Fisk Bldg. Associates LLC v. Shimazaki II, Inc., 76 A.D.3d 468 (N.Y. App. Div.)

Kaback Enterprises, Inc. v. Austin Bros., Inc., 26 Misc. 3d 1235(A) (N.Y. Sup.)